Can you sleep while wearing your Invisalign braces?

published on 20 October 2022
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Invisalign braces are clear thermoplastic braces that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye. They function by applying pressure to the teeth, causing the bone that holds your teeth in place to react and recede in the appropriate direction. Bone fills in from the opposite side when the tooth advances into the recession. This causes the teeth to re-align over time.

Teeth straightening with Invisalign in Sidcup is gaining popularity not only in the UK but across the world. This procedure is provided by a wide number of Private Dentist in Sidcup. It is critical that you do your homework and contact a dentist with whom you are comfortable. Throughout the treatment, you must cooperate closely with the dentist and his or her support staff. As a result, it is critical that you feel at ease in their presence and have faith in their abilities and knowledge. The dental clinic should ideally be close to your home or business so that you can readily visit it whenever you need it. Treatment with Invisalign may be provided by any dentist, although it is always preferable to be treated by a competent orthodontist.

With steady pressure, this works best. As a consequence, you should not only be able to but also encouraged to wear Invisalign braces while sleeping.

The maker of Invisalign suggests wearing your braces for 20 to 22 hours each day. Only take your braces off to eat and wash your teeth.

What Happens When You Wear Invisalign at Night?

It's not a good idea to remove your braces while you're sleeping.

Your braces will not operate as quickly if consistent pressure is not applied. If you miss too many nights without wearing Invisalign, your teeth may return to their original position, requiring you to restart the process.

How to Know If Your Teeth Are Misaligned

If you neglect to wear your Invisalign braces at night for a few days, such as when on vacation, you will experience pain when you put them back on. This is a common side effect of your teeth's departing alignment.

Within a few days, the soreness should be gone. If it does not, your teeth may have shifted so much that your Invisalign may need to be adjusted. Most likely, you'll have to go back to an older Invisalign configuration and work your way up to more sophisticated braces.

Other Invisalign Restrictions

Even though you may sleep with Invisalign, you must take some precautions to maintain your braces and teeth in good condition.

You will be limited in what you can eat and drink while wearing Invisalign. If sugary, alcoholic, or starchy foods become trapped in your braces, they might cause tooth rot. After eating or drinking these foods, wash your teeth right away.

More importantly, if you smoke, your Invisalign will become much more noticeable. The chemicals used to cure tobacco can stain the braces permanently, turning them yellow. If feasible, use patches to suppress nicotine cravings and only smoke after meals without your braces.

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