Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Dental Practice?

published on 19 November 2022

Social Media in Dentistry

Your dental office is almost certainly on social media. It's also possible that you're not using social media marketing for dentists properly. Maybe you have a boring account on whatever social network was hot at the time you signed up, and you post whenever and whenever you have time. Or perhaps you've joined nearly every dental social media network and are now expending much too much time and effort attempting to stay up. In summary, your dental practice's social media marketing strategy is lacking. Driving your digital ideas and advancing your business is Shaz Memon, a skilled dental marketing expert in the UK who provides branding and marketing services for your operations.

Being savvy on social media pays off in the same way that it does in any other type of marketing and promotion. You are better off picking a few dental social media networks and making the most of them.

Utilizing social media marketing for dentists in certain clinics has not yet been fully developed. More than 66 percent of healthcare marketers benefit from improved lead generation using social media by spending as little as five hours per week. The search rankings, traffic, and conversion rates of your dentistry website may all be raised by a well-executed social media marketing campaign.

However, how can you have a successful dental clinic social media marketing plan if you have no idea which sites to use? With so many alternatives, deciding if your clinic should have an online presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest can be difficult.

There are several variables to consider when selecting the best social networks, ranging from the target audience to how your content and business goals will fit inside its structure.

How to choose the best platform for dental social media marketing

Just as there is no 'perfect' wine to combine with your meal, there is no 'appropriate' social media platform for your dentistry office. You need to comprehend your target market, company objectives, and how social media fits into your entire plan in order to be successful with social media marketing for dentistry practises. Success is practically certain if you understand the fundamentals and are willing to explore new dentistry social media marketing concepts.

The whole advice on selecting the best social media sites for dentists is provided here:



With over 1.7 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site for most businesses. You may publish aesthetically appealing and useful material with your target audience using Facebook. Facebook can also help you get feedback from your current patients. However, you must ensure that you monitor patient feedback and answer as soon as possible.

Audience: Usually between the ages of 15 and 49. According to current data, approximately 91% of millennials have a Facebook account.

Best suited for: Practices that want to foster long-term patient connections

The catch: Facebook is essentially a pay-for-play platform, which means that unless you pay to boost your posts or adverts, your content and posts may not reach a bigger audience. According to Facebook, your postings may reach up to 500 people for as low as $3.

Should you have a Facebook account?

Yes, but only if you don't mind the fierce competition. According to one statistic, Facebook is used by more than 70% of online users. It is the most widely used social networking platform. If your target audience utilises the Internet, they are almost certainly on Facebook. However, your dental practise updates will be buried in the Facebook News Feed.


Instagram claims to have one of the best interaction rates of any social media site, with over 800 million monthly active users. Instagram promises to be the finest medium for accessing millennials and other people who enjoy a beautiful photograph or video. This platform emphasises aesthetically appealing material, which results in more interaction. On Instagram, though, avoid utilising stock pictures.

When it comes to Instagram, don't forget about hashtags. While other social networking networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, limit the number of hashtags per post to one or two, Instagram promotes the usage of as many as possible, as long as they are relevant.

Audience: Almost 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35.

Best suited for: Practices that want to promote their business by posting and distributing aesthetically engaging material

The catch: It may become difficult to calculate direct ROI. Furthermore, other than in your bio, it is impossible to link your Instagram account to a webpage, making this medium ideal for company marketing or aiding other social media initiatives.

Should you have an Instagram account?

Yes, especially if you excel at creating aesthetically engaging material. Instagram, when combined with Facebook or Twitter, may help your practise expand and prosper.


Twitter, with over 7,000 tweets every minute, can gain a spot in your social media strategy if you wish to communicate with your target audience in real time. Twitter flawlessly mixes all forms of creative communication, including videos, images, and text. You may utilise tools like polls and hashtags to get the attention of its more than 350 million users.

A poll found that 42 percent of Twitter users expect a response within an hour of submitting their question or complaint. Twitter's unique selling point is that it can make your posts go viral in hours. When your current followers Like or Share your material, you will gain more followers. Twitter allows you to share news, dental updates, and general articles. Try to use as many pertinent hashtags as you can because they can help you gain more traction for your content.

However, your tweets may be buried in a user's feed. To keep high exposure, tweet at least a couple times every day. While Twitter supports pre-scheduled tweets, you should blend them with regular postings to improve patient involvement.

Audience: Twitter users are the most diversified in terms of age categories, however the majority are between the ages of 18 and 50.

Best suited for: Practices have a lot of stuff to share and a want to communicate with current and new patients directly

The catch: Your tweets may have a short lifespan if they are not live or trending. To get high levels of patient engagement and a large number of followers, you must be highly active and publish meaningful material on a regular basis.

Should you follow someone on Twitter?

Yes, especially if you're aiming for a younger, more tech-savvy audience. Twitter operates best with current and diversified material. However, bear in mind that a tweet hits its peak after 18 minutes, so make your next tweet as soon as possible.


Pinterest, contrary to common assumption, is not exclusively for travellers, foodies, or fashionistas. It is one of the few venues where older material may do well, with over 100 million active users.

Pinterest is simply a visual platform where users may "pin" items to their boards, making it one of the most successful tools for referring website traffic. If you have a "cool-looking" workplace or unique deals or discounts that can be presented aesthetically, this platform might be useful. For example, if your practise specialises in aesthetic dentistry, you may use Pinterest to upload visual material that builds that aspect of your brand's image and reputation. Keep in mind not to abuse picture filters, and get educated on how to exhibit aesthetically engaging graphics and marketing images. Remember to optimise your photos when pinning material.

Audience: Almost 85 percent of users are female, with 67 percent being millennials.

Best suited for: Practices that can give visually attractive information or experiment with behind-the-scenes or before-and-after images of patients with the patients' consent

The catch: This platform is often slow-moving and might be difficult to gain a huge following. However, if you can create aesthetically engaging material, it might be a great venue.

Should you have a Pinterest account?

Yes, but only if you're able to regularly provide visually pleasing material.


LinkedIn, which began as a social networking tool, has evolved into a powerhouse for both small and Fortune 500 enterprises, with over 100 million members. If you want to network with your coworkers, peers, and community, you must be active on this platform.

The exposure of your dental business among other professionals will rise if you keep an active presence on LinkedIn. By participating in LinkedIn groups and commenting on other people's postings, you may boost your professional reputation.

While various people have different ideas about what should and should not be put on LinkedIn, a good rule of thumb is to keep to professional-looking information that is relevant to your dental business.

Audience: Users make up more than 50% of the population and range in age from 30 to 64.

Best suited for: Practices that collaborate with other professionals and aim to boost the quality and number of professional referrals

The catch: You should avoid marketing directly to LinkedIn members unless you are a recruiter. You are not promoting any particular items on LinkedIn; rather, you are there to market your brand.

Should you have a LinkedIn profile?

Yes, but only if you understand how to play the business game. LinkedIn's niche audience is rich in information on productivity, ethics, networking, and recruiting.

Which platforms are most likely to deliver you the most business?

Although we feel that each dental office requires only three social media sites, this may not be the case for every dentist. It all boils down to your unique wants and corporate objectives in the end. Experts propose using Facebook and Instagram (along with a few others) to create your dental brand and attract new customers. However, it is recommended to start with one social site and progressively expand from there.

Facebook is one of the top social networking platforms for staying in touch with current and future patients. This platform will not only help you create and maintain the loyalty of existing patients, but it will also help you recruit new patients. The key to successful dentistry social media marketing is the value you can provide to your patients.

Dental social media marketing is becoming increasingly important, and you must not lag behind your rivals. At Practice Builders, we offer tailored social media dental marketing services to assist dentists raise brand recognition and attract new customers. Now is the time to get started! The Practice Builders staff is eager to assist you.

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